I’m Finley, also known on the internet as various other things. I’ve stopped updating this website—all my posts and pages are unshared until further notice. Please leave a comment if I’ve unshared something you’re actually trying to find! (for example, I know that some of my synesthesia surveys were very popular a couple years ago)

At some point, I’ll probably go through this website and clean out stuff, decide what I want to share again, etc… but for now, I’m just leaving it blank.


23 thoughts on “Home

  1. ominous-- says:

    Hey, I know you from Scratch. My new account is ominous–. I have recently figured out I’m agender, and I was wondering if you had any name ideas. I like the name Finley but I can’t see myself as one. I like Tyler and Dylan, but I haven’t decided which I’ll use when I come out. I’m on Wattpad as ominous–. Current full name is Sushi Roll. I don’t know why.


    1. Star Kwafie says:

      Oh hey! Sorry I didn’t get around to answering you sooner; I don’t check this site very often. Anyway, re. names—Tyler and Dylan are good (I personally prefer Tyler), but they’re quite masculine (which is fine if they suit you of course). I highly recommend looking around the site nameberry.com—it has some helpful name lists as well as a good search function.

      Also, if I may ask—what was your previous Scratch account?


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