What I’m Working On

A lot of people have been wondering what I’m working on, in terms of writing. Which is a fair question. I haven’t put up anything (short story-wise) in a while! So I thought I’d write a post to address the current state of my writing.

First of all, I WAS working on a book called How to Think Like a Computer. The problem is, I have no idea how to end it. So I haven’t been working on that one so much.

Second, I’ve been writing all these short stories, so I should do something with them, right?? Well, my current plan is to assemble a lot of them into a collection and self-publish them.

Here are my current plans for the collection!

Future Tense: Speculative Fiction for a Growing Society

The future brings many things to be excited about, but also things to consider more deeply. This series of short stories takes a plethora of different issues and takes them to the next level—the level of speculative fiction. The stories range from being set just a couple years ahead of our present time, to the far future when humans have destroyed the earth. And they are all designed to make the reader think.

I’ve been focusing more on the stories as a whole than writing individual ones. 😛 But here are some of my plans for stories to write!

Intelligent Design: What would happen if people could custom manufacture living beings?

Stolen Thoughts: In a world with telepaths, should ideas be copyrighted?

Flora: Is it possible to create a sentient plant?

Other than all this, there’s a novella I started called The Aleph Experiment, which I’ve been fiddling around with. I want to rewrite it as a screenplay, but I haven’t done so yet.

Well, that’s where I am in all my writing. Hope that answered some questions!


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