Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Do not do anything with my writing or art without my express permission. You can contact me as a comment through this website.

Most importantly, do NOT:

  • sell it
  • use it without giving me credit
  • claim credit for it

Doing any of the aforementioned things is ILLEGAL. Really. Not like speeding-on-the-freeway illegal, but like you-will-literally-go-to-court illegal. Got it? Good.

Any questions? Leave a comment!

Important: I do not own the rights to the fractal image at the top of my page. It can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Jaron Blackburn says:

    Hello, I am the coach for a FIRST Lego League robotics team ( and they are considering using your font Quirky Robot from for their team logo. The copyright there says free for personal use, but does not state terms for educational use for a program like this. I was hoping to find out from you what terms you place on this to help us in our final selection. In any case thanks for putting that font out there. It not only was just the kind of thing we were looking for but the name was great too!


    1. Star Kwafie says:

      Wow! Thank you for considering using my font; it means a lot to me! As a general rule, everything of mine is free for educational use, as long as due credit is given. However, if you’re just using the font for the logo, I see no real need to provide credit (though, if you have the time/space to do so, it would be appreciated). Good luck on your robotics—I’ve never been on a formal robotics team, but it sounds fun!


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