Kitt’s Revolution is a > 34,000-word novel that I’m currently in the process of editing. Here’s the blurb:

395 light-years from Earth, the planets Tarazed and Shaula are engaged in a mysterious war. On Tarazed, the government is keeping the origin of the war a secret from all but the starship pilots, apparently for the public’s own good.

When Kitt, a young Tarazoid pilot, goes on her first mission for the government, she learns the reason why the Shaula are attacking: Tarazed has a powerful technology that has the potential to change the galaxy.

Armed with this knowledge, Kitt sets out on a mission that quickly becomes a life-changing adventure involving Kitt’s missing sister, a friendly android, and a couple psychopathic Shaula. Suddenly Kitt is caught up in a series of actions, consequences, and secrets that will forever change her view of the world.

This won’t be on the website, simply because I want to publish it someday and I’ve learned to be extremely careful when putting things like that online. I also don’t want to put it on Wattpad because of how much drafts I go through.

Various covers for it are below!



And here are some of the main characters:

KR characters


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