Here are my short stories! I hope to publish them as a collection someday.

You can find them on Wattpad here!

Click on the title to go to a PDF of the story. You can download the PDFs, but DO NOT distribute them or anything that goes against my copyright rules.

Also—almost all of these are set in the future. They’re listed in chronological order, so the ones set in the far future are near the bottom, and the ones in the present or near future are farther up on the page.

The bolded titles are ones I’ve written more recently (…and are therefore better, probably).

Mixed Signals: Members of an alien race discuss a mission to meet up with humans, but are distracted when something significant happens to one of their ambassadors. Sorry that’s so vague—I think the story is better without much context!

Charges Attract: “A tale of acceptance and particle physics”: A silly story about electrons that has a deep moral. Some of the science might be either wrong or oversimplified, but it’s okay—the story is more about what you get out of it.

Page Not Found: A short, weird, extremely geeky and technical dialogue revolving around an Internet server that becomes sentient. Warning: read only if you have a decent understand of HTTP and how the Internet really works.

Xq28: A short story, set a couple years from now, about how genome editing will affect gay rights.
If you want to know more about CRISPR, Radiolab has a very interesting and informative podcast. And here’s some more about the ‘gay gene’, Xq28.

A Muse of Fire: (kinda long – 15 pages) In the future, a woman called Iris is cast as Hamlet in a local production of the play. But the technology originally designed to help her memorize lines has many more features, and not all of them are positive.
Note: I think this story is more enjoyable if you know at least a little bit about Hamlet.

Code-scape: (pretty long – 24 pages) When Alexey wakes up and his bedroom disappears, he knows something weird’s going on. And he’s completely sure of it when he meets isReal, an odd androgynous creature that claims Alexey is in the Code-scape, a land that works exactly like a computer. As Alexey meets strange characters such as HTML, JavaScript, Objective-C, and SSH, isReal begins to reveal to him a problem in the Code-scape: isNOT, the evil, virus-like personification of NOT. And according to isReal, only a Programmer like Alexey can stop it from taking over the Code-scape.
Again: suitable for hard-core programmers only.

Carpool: The sign for the carpool lane on the freeway says: “2 or more persons per vehicle”. But what if you’re late for a meeting at NASA and the creature occupying your passenger seat is the world’s first sentient robot?
This one got pretty popular on Scratch.

The Life of Clutterbots: If a robot exhibits all of the characteristics of life, is it alive? Set in the same world as “Carpool”.

Imaginary Friends: A dystopian future in which everyone with a mental or physical difference is shipped off to a place called the Hospital to get “cured”.

There are a LOT more stories related to Imaginary Friends on Wattpad.

Gender Roles: What if men and women lived on different sides of the planet? And what would happen to a transgender girl if she claimed she lived on the wrong side? I wrote this to share with my GSA.

The Path to Cyberspace: Earth, 2094. Humans have polluted the environment so much that most of them have escaped into a virtual utopia called Cyberspace. The Path to Cyberspace is told from the perspective of an android called Calixto, and describes a dying Earth from the point of view of a creature without emotions.

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