Synesthesia is, very briefly, a neurological condition that includes, but isn’t limited to, the stimulation of certain senses when other senses are activated. For example, a synesthete might always see purple in the air when they hear a clarinet, or imagine the word “jail” as tasting like bacon.

I’m a synesthete, and I write/draw an awful lot about synesthesia. Interestingly enough, this is probably what I’m most famous for on the internet, given that this page gets a helluva lot of views.

Here is a page all about my synesthetic experiences.

Here is my Tumblr side blog about synesthesia. (not very active, unfortunately)

I also conducted many surveys about different types of synesthesia. The results are here:

  • Results of my grapheme-color survey
  • Results of my ordinal-linguistic personification survey
  • Results of my weekday-color survey
  • Results of my month-color survey

I am no longer conducting synesthesia surveys, but if you make your own, please link me!