My third topic is on the topic of weekday-color synesthesia, the most common type. I only got 37 responses, but that was enough to see some startling correlations!

You can download the raw data (from both this survey and the month-color one) in an Excel spreadsheet format here.


Monday is startlingly, overwhelmingly red. An interesting fact to note here is that the letter “A” is very often red, to synesthetes. Monday is the first day of the week; “A” is the first letter of the alphabet. Coincidence? I think not. Red is a very common, primary color, and according to Richard Cytowic and David Eagleman (synesthesia researchers who wrote the very informative Wednesday is Indigo Blue), common letters are likely to have common colors.


Tuesday is very blue. Not as overwhelmingly as Monday is red, but still statistically significant. Why blue? I am not sure. Blue, like red, is a primary color too….


Wednesday is usually not indigo blue, despite the title of the synesthesia book mentioned above. It is mostly cool colors + yellow. Perhaps there’s a primary color theme here: Monday = red, Tuesday = blue, now Wednesday = yellow….


Thursday is very blue—but it’s a darker blue than Tuesday. It also has a substantial amount of green and orange.


Friday’s colors seem to be all over the place (with a fair amount of orange). How interesting….


Saturday has a large amount of both yellow and white.


Tons of warm colors for Sunday—especially yellow. Perhaps that has to do with the fact that it’s called “Sun”-day?

So those are the most common colors of the weekdays! I found these results pretty fascinating, and I hope my readers do as well.