I write. A lot. About many things. Mostly fanfic, sci-fi, and specfic. I used to write a lot of fantasy, especially involving birds, but now it seems I’m drifting away from that genre.

Recently I’ve been writing Shakespeare fanfiction. It’s on AO3. Go check it out if you’re into Shakespeare!

Sometimes I write screenplays, but none of my original (non-fic) ones are online at the moment.

Often, I write short stories. These are nice because they let me explore an idea without getting too in-depth or having to worry about whether or not it’s long enough to be a novel/novella/etc. You can find most of these on Wattpad, but I think I’ll share them on here as well.

I’ve written a couple novels—at least, I like to count them as novels. How to Think Like a Computer, my most recent, is on Wattpad. My longest, Kitt’s Revolution, is in the editing process (though I haven’t worked on it for a while…).

I also have an entire two seasons of Star Trek fanfiction, set in the same universe but featuring an entirely different starship and cast of characters. The “episodes” are only about 4000 words each, and are in a screenplay format. If anyone legitimately wants to read them, they’re here!

I have two or three crossovers of different books or TV shows. These I just write for fun, and probably have many plot holes, but I think they’re still pretty funny.

That’s all so far—enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Writing

  1. SapphireRaven says:

    Can I please read Kitt’s Revolution? I think it would be something great! If you don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable giving me the document, that’s fine. Just wanted to ask, cause it sounds great! PS, I’m from Scratch.


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